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Future Technology Glimpse – Future Semiconductors

Innovate UK’s Horizon Scanning team has been running a series of future-looking, online sessions on various sub-topics of the Government’s Technology Families. In these deeper dive, focus sessions, they bring together some expert speakers to give their views of the topic over a medium-long term (15-20 year) timeframe.

The session on Future Semiconductors will be focusing on an exciting area of technology for which demand is ever-increasing, for quantities, capabilities and performance from burgeoning vertical applications and sectors. This session will look beyond the UK strategy on Semiconductors to where this can go in the longer term.

Futurist, Jonathan Mitchener, pulls this future view of the topic together as a summary in the context of future scenarios. This is then debated in smaller breakout groups and the audience is asked to comment on their views, hopes, concerns and expectations, given their own background and experience. Unattributed notes from all the breakout sessions are taken and a summary after the event is produced.

This summary is circulated to all participants and used to inform strategy and other areas of Innovate UK, UKRI and across Government.



Event closed

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