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UK Four Nations roadshow

From 21 February to 10 March 2022 Digital Security by Design hosted roadshow events across the four nations. We heard from historians, researchers, tech journalists, engineers and thought leaders on a range of different themes around the evolution of digital security by design in computer systems and where our future may be heading.

21 February: The history of computers

3 March: Exploring new technologies in cyber security

8 March 2022: Strengthen the foundations and make the world more secure

10 March: The future for trusted computers



You can watch all the highlights, full event recordings and individual presentations on the Digital Security by Design YouTube channel.

Can future hardware make our software more secure?

Are you interested in trialling a new technique that stops buffer overflows and other memory-safety issues — even in C or C++?

If you missed the in person event at Cambridge’s Bradfield Centre on March 15, you can catch up on the presentations and Q&A with presenters to find out about:

– Cambridge University’s new CHERI architecture: Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions.
– Why Arm partnered with University of Cambridge to develop prototype silicon.
– How you can use this prototype — the Arm Morello Board — to find bugs and memory safety issues in your existing code.
– How you can get hold of a Morello board plus £15,000 funding to trial the Morello prototype architecture in your organisation.


What is Digital Security by Design?

Technology Access Programme launch event and digital security webinar

On 25 January 2022 we launched the Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme. The programme offers tech companies of all sizes the opportunity to trial Arm’s prototype Morello Board and CHERI, a new instruction set architecture developed by the University of Cambridge. These prototype technologies have the potential to change the way we develop future software and hardware – making software less vulnerable to memory safety issues and systems more secure and resilient.

Here’s Digital Security by Design Challenge Director, John Goodacre explaining the Digital Security by Design project and how companies can get get involved.

The full event recording is available on our YouTube channel.

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