Digital Security by Design

Transforming technology to create a more resilient and secure foundation for a safer digital future

Benefits of Digital Security by Design

The Digital Security by Design initiative aims to address the issues caused by cyber attacks, and provide an opportunity for enterprising developers to explore new secure applications.

Lower costs to cyber security

Increased difficulty for cyber attacks

Computer industry deployment of an advanced security architecture

Production of scalable, secured, products and services

Increased research in cyber security

Motivation of UK industries for change

Development of new skills and jobs in the UK aligned with the new hardware and software

UK to lead the world in computer security

Who's involved?

Digital Security by Design is supported by a consortium of more than 30 of the world’s leading technology companies, academic institutions and researchers and UK government agencies. These include Arm, University of Cambridge, Google, Thales, University of Edinburgh, Hewlett Packard, University of Oxford, Innovate UK, Microsoft, University of Manchester, Digital Catapult, Linaro, Kings College London, National Cyber Security Centre and UK Research and Innovation.

Get involved

Developers and tech organisations can get involved in several ways including taking part in DSbD events, contributing to open source projects, trialling CHERI, requesting a prototype Morello board to experiment with, or joining the Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme.

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