Why it matters

Programme Affiliation

Strengthen your ecosystem participation by using the correct nomenclature in all your contributory activities and outcomes when affiliated to us.

Digital Security by Design ecosystem

The Digital Security by Design ecosystem showcases how new technologies and businesses relate in the creation of more digitally secure services and products.

If you are responsible, or interested in securing the future of the digital economy, Digital Security by Design offers an opportunity to engage in the technologies that enable and accelerate the move towards digitally-secure by design.


Associating with the ecosystem

We are keen to drive affiliation with Digital Security by Design, and request that if you have something to offer the ecosystem, which could include any journal, technical report, presentation, website, press release or other material related to Digital Security by Design activities, then simply create an association using one or more of the following set of terms:

  • DSbD technology
  • DSbD technologies
  • DSbD ecosystem
  • DSbDtech


If you received DSbD funding you must use one of the above terms when acknowledging UKRI’s DSbD Programme funding. We require that you clearly signify your affiliation in the funding note, as per the following examples:

“Part of this work / project was funded by the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme delivered by UKRI in support of the DSbD ecosystem.”

“Project ‘Goldfinger’ is a technology driven consortium funded by the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme through UKRI to drive the development of DSbD technology enabled solutions for safety-critical applications.”

“This project was funded by the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) under the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme, to deliver a DSbDtech enabled widget.”

Please ensure that the affiliation terms are used intact and avoid mixing them with other  acronyms or interspersing them with anything that disables the identification of these terms through a machine-searchable manner. 

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