Technical Resources

Technical resources

To get you started programming with capabilities on the Morello platform, there are a number of resources available.

Technical documentation

Technical documents explain the high-level concepts of capability architectures, use of CHERI capabilities and compartments in new software or existing software, and the details of how capabilities and compartmentalisation are supported by the prototype Morello instruction set architecture (ISA). A number of academic papers and technical reports are available that show the benefits of using CHERI capabilities, how to start using them, and share experience of practical programming with this technology.
There is also a significant amount of open source software available to use on the Morello platform. For example, Android and BSD operating systems, C/C++ toolchains, libraries and example code are all freely available.

GitHub repositories

A variety of open source software has already been contributed to the CHERI and Morello ecosystem, including examples, firmware, libraries, compilers and other tools. Links to the repositories for these projects are provided here to get you started.

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