Get involved

Get involved

Qualifying companies and developers can request the prototype hardware and software to experiment with or join Digital Security by Design through the Technology Access Programme that offers the hardware as well as technical guidance and support.

Morello board detail

Request an Arm Morello board

If you are not based in the UK and have a project idea that could use an Arm Morello prototype board, this route is available for you. You may also apply for a board through this route if you are based in the UK but this route does not enable technical support or funding unlike the Technology Access Programme. Note that there are a limited number of boards available.

Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+

Learn about how social science and the STEM disciplines are working together to address the DSbD challenge and the regulatory and policy environment through the Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+.


Digital Security by Design events are happening throughout the year so you can learn about the technology, listen to experts, network and keep up-to-date with the latest thinking in the cybersecurity space.

If you can’t make it to an event on the day, check out our YouTube channel for scheduled livestreams and event recordings.


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Benefits of Digital Security by Design

The Digital Security by Design initiative aims to address issues caused by cyber attacks, and provide an opportunity for enterprising developers to explore new secure applications.

Lower costs to cyber security

Increased difficulty for cyber attacks

Computer industry deployment of an advanced security architecture

Production of scalable, secured, products and services

Increased research in cyber security

Motivation of UK industries for change

Development of new skills and jobs in the UK aligned with the new hardware and software

UK to lead the world in computer security

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