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Digital Security by Design terms and conditions

Digital Security by Design terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to anybody applying for a Morello board from this website:

1.1 Approval

UKRI does not provide any guarantee that your request will be granted approval or a precise date at which a board will be available.

1.2 Notification

You will be notified accordingly of UKRI’s decision on your specified contact details. If the lead contact point changes at any point after your application as well as during your project’s lifetime, it is your responsibility to promptly update UKRI with the new contact point details.

1.3 International organisations

International organisations will be responsible for any applicable import tax/duty.

1.4 Redistribution

Redistribution of boards to any third party outside of your organisation is not permitted. The same applies to any non-project related access to the boards.

1.5 Reporting Requirements

During the lifetime of your project-related work, UKRI reserves the right to inquire/check that your project is progressing as anticipated. Further, upon completion of your project UKRI may contact you to see how your investigations concluded.

1.6 Morello Board Returns

You are required to send the board(s) back to UKRI if your project does not start within three months of your anticipated start date

If your board(s) is no longer required at the end of the project you can return it to UKRI for potential redeployment.

1.7 Return address

(note that your organisation will be responsible for shipping expenses)

DSbD Board Recycling
UK Research and Innovation
Polaris House
United Kingdom

1.8 Acknowledgement

By submitting this form, I give my consent and acknowledge that all details given are accurate.
I am the representative of the organisation in relation to the project described.

1.9 GDPR Agreement

I consent to UKRI storing my submitted information so they can respond to my inquiry and I am content for my information to be forwarded to our third party for arranging board delivery.
UKRI Privacy Notice

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