Event type: Hybrid

Chatham House Cyber Conference 2024

Join Prof. John Goodacre at Chatham House or online on 5 June 2024 at The 2024 Cyber Conference, titled “Recalibrating Our Assumptions on Cybersecurity”.

The event addresses the rapidly evolving cyberspace landscape, emphasising the dual nature of emerging technologies and AI as both opportunities and threats. The event brings together public and private sector stakeholders to navigate this complex environment, focusing on the regulation and innovation needed to mitigate risks and enhance global competitiveness.

Key discussions include the vulnerabilities of critical national infrastructure (CNI) to cyberattacks and the potential for cyber threats to undermine democratic processes amid a busy election year. Through a mix of plenary sessions, keynote speeches, and confidential spotlight discussions, the conference aims to foster agility and collaboration among cybersecurity professionals in adapting to and securing the digital future.


Chatham House
10 St James's Square
St. James's

Event closed

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