This Week in Cyber: May 9th – May 13th

This week the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) hosted its flagship cyber security event, CYBERUK 2022, at the International Convention Centre (ICC) in Wales. During the 10th and 11th of May, over 1,500 industry specialists and leaders convened to reimagine the future, ‘whole of society’ approach to cyber security. The event provided a wonderful opportunity for the community to reconnect in person, talk through their latest challenges, trends they are witnessing and share their business needs.  

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The programme for CYBERUK 2022 was split into 4 streams. 

Stream A, championed by Microsoft, focused primarily on ‘Resilience and tackling the threat’. Speakers explored everything from the benefits of breaking out of the traditional accreditation approach, the tools and controls available to bolster one’s security posture, to the cyber risks that Managed Service Providers and Cloud Service Providers face and the evolution of honeypots. 

Stream B, led by Ultra, addressed the ‘Technology and ecosystem’. This branch of discussion looked into the benefits that emerge from the collaboration of government, education and industry; data processing in cloud environments; communicating complex technical risks to the board; product assurance; and developing the cyber education ecosystem. 

Stream C, fronted by Mandiant, is titled ‘local to global leader’. Experts delved into the challenges of implementing a Central Bank Digital Currency; the government’s strategy to develop resilience; how large corporations can support their supply chain face current threats; tips for incident management etc. 

And finally, Stream D invites attendees to take part in a number of workshops.

During the event, the team at DSbD had the opportunity to present their ideas as well. 

For decades, everybody has been vulnerable due to exploitation of design errors and bugs in software. The world of cyber security has evolved around helping you know if you are being attacked, and managing the risks and response to attacks, as opposed to using technology to block vulnerabilities. Is the only solution to keep patching? Well, no.

Graeme Barnes, Lead ISA Architect and Fellow, Arm Ltd, Professor Madeline Carr, Professor of Global Politics and Cybersecurity, University College London, Thomas Olsen, Co-founder and CEO, Deltaflare and our very own, John Goodacre, Director of Digital Security by Design Challenge, Innovate UK got up on stage to speak on how we can transform digital technology to be resilient and secure at its core. And the benefits are manifold. If security is in-built to the software we use from the get-go, we can block the exploitation of up to 70% of ongoing vulnerabilities. That means, increased difficulty for cyber attacks, lower costs to cyber security, scalable secured products and services, increased business productivity, increased trust in connected devices and overall, a safer digital future for all. 



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