This Week in Cyber: June 20th – June 24th

It was that time of the year again. The world of cybersecurity descended on London this week to attend the annual Infosecurity Europe conference. Following a two-year hiatus as a virtual event, Digital Security by Design joined nearly 400 exhibitors at ExCel to reconnect with partners and colleagues, whilst also meeting with new contacts. 

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While the train and tube strikes certainly posed a challenge, it did not stop the hall from buzzing with energy and productive conversations. Knowledge was shared, solutions demonstrated, business cards exchanged and lots of catching up took place over a never-ending flow of coffee and cocktails from vendors dotted all across the room. 

We were pleased to meet with hundreds of attendees to speak about more than just a technical solution to our cybersecurity woes, but an evolution in approach. Digital Security by Design endeavours to transform how we tackle cyber threats by addressing vulnerabilities at its foundation. By facilitating the collaboration of academic and industry researchers, our programme has delivered the first hardware implementation of DSbD technology in the form of a prototype System on Chip (SoC) and development board, Morello. Through memory protection and compartmentalisation, this technology can do away with as much as 70% of operating system vulnerabilities! 

Next week, on the 29th of June at 17:00 – 20:00 BST in London, we hope to meet with even more of you to speak about the future of open source. Hosted by prominent cybersecurity journalist and author, Geoff White, we have arranged our very own in-person event. Among other questions, we ask: Will our industry end up completely open source? How are tech companies already embracing open source as an ethos and practically? Will it make our systems safer and more secure? Is there an alternate future?

In fact, we will begin with Bruce Perens, a pioneer of open source technology, as our keynote speaker. Perens is a founder of the open source movement in software and has worked at the intersections of open source, engineering, software, design, and law for more than four decades; with organisations including Pixar, HP and the United Nations.  

We then move on to a panel discussion to explore whether open sourcing code makes for less vulnerable code. Amanda Brock, CEO at OpenUK, the UK body for Open Technology and former Chair of the Open Source and Intellectual Property (IP) Advisory Group of the United Nations Technology Innovation Labs, will contribute to this debate.

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