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Is the future for secure computer systems open source? 

Will our industry end up completely open source? How are tech companies already embracing open source as an ethos and practically? Will it make our systems safer and more secure? Is there an alternate future?

Hosted by prominent cybersecurity journalist and author, Geoff White, this unique in-person event brings together the leading minds in open source, technology, digital innovation, and research to share where they predict the future of cybersecurity and secure system design is heading.

This is a must-attend event for software and hardware engineers, open source, cybersecurity, and tech industry professionals.

We’re also proud, and very excited, to welcome one of the world’s most prominent pioneers of open source technology, Bruce Perens, as our keynote speaker.

Bruce is one of the founders of the open source movement in software and was the person to announce “open source” to the world. From Pixar to HP and the UN, Bruce has worked at the intersections of open source, engineering, software, design, and law for more than four decades.

The event includes a panel discussion – Does open sourcing code make for less vulnerable code? – with audience Q&A. Following the presentations and panel, attendees are welcomed to join the presenters for food, drinks, and further discussion.



17:00 – Welcome and introduction

Geoff White – Author, speaker, investigative journalist, and podcast creator

17:05 – Keynote presentation

Bruce Perens – Open source pioneer and CEO, Algoram

17:30  Presentation

Amanda Brock – CEO, Open UK

17:45 – Presentation: Introducing Digital Security by Design

George Papadakis – Senior Innovation Lead – UK Research & Innovation: I

17:55 – Panel discussion with Q&A – Does open sourcing code make for less vulnerable code?

Host: Geoff White


Bruce Perens, open source pioneer and CEO, Algoram

Amanda Brock, CEO, Open UK

Mark Nicholson, Senior Software Manager, Morello Project, Arm

Other panellists to be announced shortly

18:30 – Digital Security by Design Technology Access Programme Overview

Kay Ho, Head of Innovation – Emerging Ecosystem Building, Digital Catapult

18:40 – 20:00 Drinks, food, and networking



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