Be part of the next generation of cyber-secure, how to affiliate yourself with the DSbD ecosystem

If you are responsible, or simply interested, in securing the future of the digital economy, the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) #ISCF challenge offers an opportunity to engage in the technologies that work to enable and accelerate the move towards digitally-secure by design. DSbD is helping to build a new ecosystem that will together will redefine the underpinnings of a computer and enhance the security and resilience of future digital products and services.

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Supported through the findings and recommendations from various funded research and innovation projects (details available via our technical hub – Discribe), the DSbD ecosystem acts as a showcase for businesses and academics to affiliate and together represents a future shaped by technologies that can fix the fundamental issues around vulnerabilities of software and the protection of data.

We all wish to feel safe and protect our privacy and prevent hacked systems while still benefiting from artificially intelligent software, internet of things that can sense human needs, seamless transfer between physical and virtual worlds and everyday robots that create more time for us to live. However, we have to acknowledge most software is not bug free and that today’s computer do little to simplify or address the complex issues of building cybersecure solutions.  We hope the DSbD ecosystem will promote a collaborative environment and help enable the adoption of these new technologies and research findings while collectively helping to you to be the first to benefit from its adoption.

Without question decades of software advancements, have made us feel the need to be safer online, and therefore this opportunity to create the best, most conducive environment for innovation in technology and digitisation across leading tech organisations will offer a world-first opportunity to not only feel safe but be safe and secure online.

So, What’s Happening

The DSbD ecosystem is to be the showcase of how new technologies and businesses relate in the creation of more digitally secure services and products. Delivered simply through the power of internet search. With DSbD technologies and solutions spanning multiple sectors, it is not always easy to find an answer, even the best internet search engine will not help you find something unless it has a recognised name. By associating with this new ecosystem, your contributions and outcomes will be amplified and located through your affiliation with the DSbD ecosystem.

Associating with the DSbD Ecosystem

We are keen to drive affiliation with DSbD, and request that if you have something to offer the DSbD ecosystem, then simply create an association using one or more of the following set of terms for any artefact.  This could include any journal, technical report, presentations, web-sites, press releases or other materials related either to outcomes from funding from DSbD or other independent activities that an affiliation to DSbD may be seen as mutually beneficial (e.g., new project proposals or product announcement).

The set of terms to enable affiliation with the DSbD Programme are:

  • DSbD technology
  • DSbD technologies
  • DSbD ecosystem
  • DSbDtech

Simply use one of these terms in the text of what you want to affiliate, put it online and Internet search will do the rest.

If you have created an artifact because of DSbD programme funding, as a minimal requirement you must use one of the above terms when acknowledging funding from the UKRI’s DSbD Programme. To do this we require that you append clear clause to the acknowledgement text to signify your affiliation, as per the following examples:

“Part of this work / project was funded by the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme delivered by UKRI in support of the DSbD ecosystem.”

“Project ‘Goldfinger’ is a technology driven consortium funded by the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme through UKRI to drive the development of DSbD technology enabled solutions for safety-critical applications.”

“This project was funded by the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) under the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) Programme, to deliver a DSbDtech enabled widget.”

DSbD technologies are pioneering across academia and industry, and there is even more of a greater need and opportunity to drive and demonstrate strengthened resilience to address the previous market failures in computer processors.

You can find out more about the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund here

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