The Discribe Hub+ commissioned projects need your help!

Discribe Hub+ are looking for participants to take part in one or all of the following to help with their research project on the adoption of new technologies: DSbD Awareness Survey, Collaboration to develop understanding (short interviews) and Attending a workshop.

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DSbD Awareness Survey: Assessing Organisational DSbD Awareness and Readiness

We are academics at the University of Nottingham and Queen Mary University of London. We are conducting a survey to investigate organisational awareness and readiness to adopt technologies based upon Digital Security by Design (DSbD) principles. We are seeking to explore organisations’:   

  • attitude towards cyber security and experience of incidents
  • prioritisation of cyber security during procurement and deployment of IT devices
  • awareness of DSbD issues and principles.

The work is contributing to an 18-month project funded

by Discribe (the Digital Security by Design Social Science Hub+, part of the UK government’s Digital Security by Design (DSbD)

Programme). The findings will guide further stakeholder consultation via online workshops (which you may volunteer for separately), and support the development of a Self-Assessment Tool for organisations to profile their awareness of DSbD and potential opportunities for incorporating it.

Please follow the link here to complete the survey.

Workshop Opportunity: Secure Hardware Adoption & Data Sharing

“Cyber-attacks impose substantial costs on UK businesses. This interactive workshop will explore the strategies that firms adopt to safeguard against attack, with a particular focus on firms’ incentives to adopt secure hardware. While the technical benefits of promoting cybersecurity at the hardware as opposed to the software level are well understood and significant progress is being made to develop new technologies (e.g. as part of the UK’s Digital Security by Design initiative), the success of this approach rests crucially on the extent to which firms will actually adopt more secure hardware when it becomes available. The workshop addresses this question of adoption incentives in the context of participants’ industry experience and related research by the workshop leads. Interactions between hardware adoption and data sharing incentives will also be discussed.”

To register for the workshop please click here.

The Elicitation of Cybersecurity Narratives: Bricoleur Story Completion, Decision Making & Security Design

The overall aim of this research project is to understand the process of security technology adoption in organisations. We seek to collaborate with a range of professionals, academics and researchers, to develop a collective understanding of the useful concepts, concerns and questions relevant to the early stages of adopting new hardware technologies which will be of interest to cybersecurity specialists, technology risk managers, compliance officers, IT architects and developers.

Participants will complete a written response to story stems and a few follow-up questions, and complete Critical Decision Method (CDM) Interviews. If you are interested in joining us for any stage of the research please click here.

We really appreciate your participation. For enquiries, please contact any member of the research team via

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