Who can apply to join the programme?

Section 1

The DSbD Technology Access Programme has been designed for all types of businesses, from early stage startups looking to refine business propositions to mature startups seeking early access to revolutionary technology before it is fully ready for commercial deployment.

This new architecture has wide appeal and is not restricted to any particular industry. We are looking at startups, scaleups and mid-size companies who want to make their systems and products secure from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

The architecture is currently only available for Linux/Android/CheriBSD Operating Systems.The Morello FVP runs on Linux for testing/PoC purposes. Additional operating system enablement is currently being addressed by a joint development between Arm, University of Cambridge, Microsoft and Google.

The requirements for applications to the Digital Security by Design Access programme are:

– The company has to be registered with Companies House in the UK, e.g. established in the UK with the majority of work carried out in the UK

– The company must have a business bank account

– A company representative must be able to attend all the activities, e.g. onboarding, final demo-day and participate in periodical meetings for the duration of the programme.
Please note programme, which are subject to change.

Delivered by Digital Catapult, funded by UKRI through the Digital Security by Design programme.