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Morello Board Request

We are looking for innovative developers to join the Digital Security by Design (DSbD) team on a journey to a more secure future. We give you an opportunity to investigate a ground-breaking technology and understand the step-change of digital security by design benefits and what it can bring to your products or services.


Any UK or international registered business or organisation can request the DSbD Technology Prototype Platform known as the ‘Morello Board’ via this portal.


All we need from you is:


  • describe why this investigation could increase security of your products or services;
  • justify the use of the board(s);
  • show that your project has a committed resource of at least three person-months;
  • if you are a research organisation, show that the project has received funding. 

The Morello Board is being developed by an Arm led consortium project funded by UK Research and Innovation and will be available from mid-2022.


In the meantime, you are encouraged to download the Morello Platform Model and take a look at these new DSbD technologies. This model provides a software programmer’s view of a computer and runs as an executable in a desktop-based development environment.


The number of boards will be limited so UKRI will exercise prioritisation through a project portfolio approach, including distribution based on organisation type, UK status, and project start date.


Morello Board Request Form